Refresher lessons at your driving school in Zurich

Do you have a driver’s license, but haven’t driven for a long time or have you had an accident and are therefore unsure about driving? Then we can help you to get fit to drive again quickly. Even if you have only ever driven an automatic and are now switching to a manual gearbox, we can take away your uncertainty with just a few driving lessons at our driving school. Our driving instructors will support you individually with all your concerns.

Everything you need to know about refresher driving lessons

To be able to take refresher lessons with us, you only need to have a driver’s license. If you do not yet have a driver’s license, you can get yours at our driving school.
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emergency helper course
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and the road safety course.

To ensure that you benefit fully from the refresher lessons, you decide which car you want to take the lessons in. In our driving school you will find a selection of modern car models with automatic or manual transmission in category B. In the refresher lessons, we can focus together on individual topics or repeat all the important aspects of road traffic.

Parking – We show you the tricks

Reverse parking in particular can be a major challenge. Our driving instructors will be happy to show you tricks and tips during the refresher course, with which you can get into any parking space quickly and confidently.

Joint highway trips around Zurich

If you haven’t driven on the highway for a while and would like to gain more confidence, we will be happy to practice with you. Together we go through the most important features such as entering the highway and overtaking. We adapt the hours flexibly for you and are happy to support you over several hours.

Quickly regain confidence in city traffic

City traffic can get crowded and hectic, especially at peak times. Together with our driving instructors you will practise, to become a relaxed driver in Zurich’s city traffic. We’ll go through with you once again what you need to look out for, especially with regard to buses and streetcars.

Preparation for inspection trips

If you have moved to Switzerland from abroad, your driver’s license must be rewritten. Holders of driving licenses from certain countries and persons who drive higher categories on a professional basis must also have a Control drive complete. Further information can be found in the Road traffic office of the Canton of Zurich. If you do not pass this test drive, you will have to restart the entire training for your driving license at a driving school and will not be allowed to drive a vehicle in Switzerland during this time.
If you are unsure, our driving school will help you prepare for the test drive. Here, too, we can practise specific topics that you want so that you can pass the exam smoothly.

Refresher lessons at your driving school

Our driving instructors adapt the refresher course individually to you and your needs. That’s why we don’t have a minimum number of driving lessons that you have to take for your refresher course. You decide how many hours you need. The price for a refresher lesson is currently CHF 105.00 including insurance and tax.

Where do the refresher lessons take place?

There are three central meeting points in Zurich for our driving lessons:

  • Altstetten
  • Enge station
  • Albisrieden

If you have any further questions, you can contact us by phone at any time or contact us directly via our
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