Cab inspection in Zurich and the surrounding area

At our driving school, we prepare you in detail for the cab test (BPT 121). You need this for professional passenger transportation (for example in a cab) in Switzerland. The BPT authorization applies to the following categories:

  • Category B and subcategory B1
  • Category C and subcategory C1
  • Special category F

If you have moved to Switzerland from abroad and already have a cab driver’s license, you must still successfully pass the BPT 121 exam in Switzerland. The requirements in the theoretical and practical test for cab drivers are higher than in the normal driving test. At our driving school, we prepare you in detail for the two exams with theoretical and practical driving lessons.

Cab exam in Zurich - what you need to know about the exams

To be able to register for the cab test, you must already have at least one year of uncomplained driving experience. The learning driving time is not taken into account here. You should also have this driving experience on the type of vehicle in the respective category in which you would like to transport passengers after passing the test.

Before the practical examination, you must first pass a theoretical examination. This contains different questions than the theory test for the driver’s license.

The additional theory test

What you need to know about the additional theory test ARV2 (Working and Rest Period Ordinance):

  • Questions are mainly asked about rest periods and working hours
  • A total of 30 questions must be answered.
  • A maximum of 3 mistakes may be made to pass.
  • The exam takes place on a computer.
  • The questions are answered using the multiple-choice method.

There are no compulsory lessons to pass the theory test. Nevertheless, you should prepare thoroughly for the theory test. At our driving school, we help you prepare so that you know all the necessary terms for the test.

The practical driving test

The requirements for the practical test for cabs are also very high. Therefore, before taking the exam, you should Driving lesson with a professional driving instructor. Here we show you exactly what is taken into account in the test and what you need to bear in mind as a cab driver when transporting passengers.

For the test, you can use either your private vehicle, which you would like to use as a cab, or a vehicle from our driving school. Of course, the same applies to driving lessons with us. We tailor these individually to you and your needs.

Register with us for your cab driving lessons or contact us for more information about driving lessons.

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Requirements for the acquisition of the BPT121

To obtain the BPT 121 permit and register for the theoretical and practical examination, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 19 years old.
  • One year of uncomplained driving experience (no withdrawal of driver’s license).
  • The completed learner’s permit application must be sent to your road traffic office with a current passport photo.
  • The learner’s permit application must be accompanied by an eye test that is not older than 2 years and was issued by a Swiss optician.
  • Examination by a medical examiner.
  • After a successful examination, you can register for the additional theory test.
  • Once you have passed the additional theory test, you can register for the practical test with your cab.
  • Once you have passed the test, you will receive your driver’s license by post with the code BPT 121.

With the code BPT 121 you can now transport people in your cab or Uber.

After passing the test, you can then take a local knowledge test. This is necessary if you want to obtain a cab license. The license is required if you want to use city cab ranks with your cab.

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